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Action: 70 Coin of Luck - “Advertise Server - Earn COL”

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Dear visitors and players of the project Genesis.ms, we bring to your attention the action:
"Advertise Server - Earn COL"

1. Conditions:
- Advertising should be distributed on the social network Faceebook (groups on the topic Lineage 2, groups of streamers, clans, CP), on live servers and forums Lineage 2 Interlude (spam in trade chat in trade zones, in the clan and general forum section),
- Pack all the screenshots in 1 archive and upload it to Google Disk,
- Create a topic in the technical section, in it you can specify your gaming nickname and link to download the archive,
- The minimum number of screenshots is 50.
2. Example of ad text:
28 April Craft-PVP x10 Genesis.ms do not miss the opening!
3. Awards:
- 1 place 50 Coin of Luck
- 2 place 40 Coin of Luck
- 3 place 30 Coin of Luck
Each participant 10 Coin of Luck.
Winners will be announced the day after the server starts at 20-00.
In order to receive a reward, a character must be left in the game online or off-trade. 

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