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Combining servers x100

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Important information
Combining Servers
Dear players, we are announcing the news about the combining of servers MultiCraft x100
Date and time of work:
14 November from 9-00 to 16-00 utc+3 (approximately).
Our servers work WITHOUT WIPES. We periodically merge new servers with the main server. You will never lose your characters, earned in-game items and values.
Key information:
1. Both servers will be turned off during the work period. The merged server will be prefixed with - Old 
2. Rates and basic concept are saved from server x100. Characters of the new server x100-New are transferred to the main server x100-Old. 
3. All characters, clans and alliances of the x100-New server will have a prefix added. It will be possible to change the name of the character and clan in the Donate manager is free!
4. After merging, the castle and CH be transferred to the NPC. 
5. The points scored at the Olympiad will remain for all characters on both servers.
6. Heroes from the Olympiad are saved from both servers.
If you have any questions, ask the administration by available contacts (Forum, VK, Telegram, Skype)
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