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New Premium Raid Boss

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New Premium Raid Boss!

Each player of any level now has the opportunity to receive a guaranteed premium account for 2 hours for free every day!
Basic information:
- To get a bonus premium account for 2 hours, it is enough for a player of any level to inflict any damage in RB, and after death talk to an NPC. You can get the bonus even if you did not finish off the RB, but other players. Also, after talking with the NPC, you get Premium Coin to buy in-game valuables in the in-game store.
- Added some Top accessories from the donate store to the RB drop, you can find out more about the drop by pressing shift + click on RB.
- Premium RB is located in the vicinity of the Giran Town, there is a teleport from the Global GK and an auto invitation when RB appears in the world.
- RB appears daily at 19-45 Moscow time, Boss level - 80. The time is set so that the clans going to the Ant Queen farm participate in the killing of Premium RB, so everyone who wants to get a bonus does not have to chase high-level players on the server, but enough to take part in the murder of RB.
- Lifetime of an NPC for issuing a bonus is 30 minutes.

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